Our Mission

Your landscape should should enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your home. We work with our clients to create space that enhance their life and wellbeing. We offer services from consulting to design to implementation to make your yard space personal and unique.

Services Offered


Initial Landscape Consulting
For a nominal fee, our designer will walk the property with you and discuss your wants and needs for the space. We will give you our initial opinion on what is possible in your space dependent on your budget.

Consultations start at $100 per hour with most finishing within an hour.


Landscape Design/Construction Planning
Prepare a detailed plan of your property with proposed planting and hardscape areas that take into consideration your unique needs. Final construction plans include specific plant lists and building requirements to ensure clients receive installer bids that are comparable. 

Plans are available starting at $500 and above.


Landscape Installation Management
Installation management includes oversight of the landscaper/contractor bidding process. Once contractors are selected, we can oversee installation to ensure the project is implemented according to the design and contractors do not make unanticipated changes to the project.

Pricing is dependent on installation complexity.


Exterior Furnishing and Nursery Consultations
We can also assist in purchasing exterior furnishings from our catalogs of unique vendors. From seating, tables, couches, fire pits and more - we have access to top outdoor furnishing vendors. 

We are also available to do nursery walk-throughs with clients or contractors to assist in selection of planting material.

Consulting is billed at $100 per hour.

Gardens are not made by singing ‘Oh, how beautiful,’ and sitting in the shade.
— Rudyard Kipling